About the Wildside Gaming App and Wildside 2nd Edition

Back in the early years of the game, long before the first edition came out in 2004, there was a lot of joking about what to name the game, since “Leigh’s game” wasn’t really a viable title. One persistent joke was that the game should be named “Doughnuts & Diet Coke,” after the most common snacks at the games, because the initials would be… Wildside Press finally renamed the game The Wildside Gaming System when they published the first edition, but the doughnuts are a shout-out to the old joke.
Yep! We are designing the app to allow characters that have any configuration of stats, and the dice will be customizable so you can roll 4d6, 2d20, or any other combination you can think of. Most features are either not specific to any RPG or are easily adapted to any RPG, so you can use the mapping, critters, treasure, group functions, etc. in whatever game(s) you want.
Send us an email and we’ll work with you to make sure it happens. But be aware that character sheets are part of the basic content in the game, so if they are included in the app they will be provided to players for free.
The artists we are working with initially have a long track record as professional illustrators, and they are playing a key part both in giving the app its “look” and in setting up templates to make it easier to add new artists to the site. As things go further we will be adding more artist. Feel free to drop us an email; if I haven’t worked with you before please link to a portfolio or gallery where we can get a look at your work. If it seems like a match, we will get in touch about licensing your work for the game. Artists are paid for each avatar pack that a player gets from the in-app store, regardless of whether the player bought the art or got it for free (by using doughnuts won as a prize, for instance).
The VIP membership is designed to enhance your game experience in fun ways (while helping support further upgrades to the game) but since it can expire, it doesn’t impact core functionality. If you have a VIP membership you can upload your own avatar for use in the game, in group chats, and as a marker on maps. (Unapproved art will not be visible in public chats though.) You can change the look of your dice, and participate in certain VIP-only groups and events. But if your VIP status lapses you will still be able to play your characters or GM games in the same way.
Please send us an email so we can talk about it. There will be more features coming, and feedback about what you like (or don’t like) in other apps, or about how you would like to customize your own gaming experience is enormously helpful. If you don’t tell us, we may not realize there’s a demand, since every group has a different playing style.